Testimonials From My Clients

Ann from Carmichael

Tom has helped me make much better use of my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone.  I now feel more confident and comfortable using my Apple products.  Tom has a pleasant personality and is like my personal Apple coach.  He has helped me create movies using Apple’s iMovie and has showed me how to create a website for my business at PirateShipFun.com.  

I would never have found the time, even with the best of intentions, to learn all of the things Tom has taught me in our monthly session.  I have saved so much time and money by learning to make my own website that is not only professional looking, but I can update it myself for the fraction of the cost most website hosting organizations charge.

"I can't believe how much time and frustration you save me every time we meet.   I learn things I didn't I needed to know, to say nothing about your ability to trouble-shoot and solve a problem.  If not in the moment, certainly within a day or two.  

I'm so glad I book in advance before your schedule fills up. "

I have a monthly 2 hour appointment with Tom and he continues to inspire and help me with new things.  I highly recommend Tom for Apple tutoring.

Grace from Citrus Heights

I have just purchased a new iMac and Tom has helped me set up everything.  My previous computer was a Windows machine, and Tom has really helped me understand and use my new iMac.  He explained how to use email, the Safari browser, how iCloud works, using FaceTime, Notes, Reminders, Maps and a lot more.  He showed me how to sign in to my bank for online banking.  He even showed me to to "right click" on a Mac.

I highly recommend Tom for any of your Apple tutoring needs.  He is very patient and makes sure you understand everything.  First he shows me something, and then I have to do it.  I continue to meet with Tom on a monthly basis and he always reviews a few items from the previous month before starting a new session.

Richard from Gold River

I originally called Tom to help me transfer files from an older Mac to my new Mac.  He did a great job moving my files over to my new iMac.  Now he continues to show me many new things I can do with my iMac.  I am a retired person and is Tom is a very patient and a wonderful teacher.  I look forward to Tom’s monthly appointments.  

I have learned to scan documents and pictures on my new Epson printer/scanner.  I am getting much better at managing our photos from various trips we have taken.  I am also much better at managing all my email messages.  

I highly recommend Tom for helping you with your Apple products.